Cardinal Curriculum Level II
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Date: 7/1/2015
Cardinal Curriculum
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Subawards: Recognizing, Processing, Managing

Class Content

There are many unique nuances to working with subawards. This class will give you the tools and information to distinguish between a subaward and another procurement action. You will also learn how to process and monitor a subaward from proposal through closeout. Please note there is no audio for this class.

Learning Objectives

After completing this class, you will be able to: 
  • Identify a characteristic that distinguishes a subaward from other procurement actions
  • Define pass through entity
  • Define subaward
  • Define subrecipient
  • Identify 2 responsibilities of the pass through entity (Stanford) per A-133
  • Identify how to determine the terms and conditions a subrecipient is subject to
  • Identify the 4 items a PI must request and receive from a potential subrecipient while writing a proposal
  • Identify at least 3 subrecipient attributes a PI must assess when considering entering into a subaward
  • Correctly assemble all the materials needed to submit a subaward using the Subaward Checklist
  • Correctly monitor the subaward process by understanding and using the document: Steps in the Subaward Process
  • Correctly prepare an online requisition using the requisition template
  • Identify PI/department responsibilities in monitoring the subrecipient
  • Identify from a list items to monitor on subrecipient invoices
  • Identify the correct procedure for paying a subrecipient
  • Identify correct dollar threshold for applying F&A on a subaward
  • Monitor cost sharing
  • Identify closeout timeline of subrecipient in relation to prime recipient
  • Correctly follow procedures for a timely Closeout

Level II Certification

If you are working toward a Level II certificate, this class is an elective. We recommend you take it after taking the required Level II classes.

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