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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Research Administration Policy and Compliance

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Research Administration Policy and Compliance (RAPC) provides Indirect Cost Burdening setup and support, and financial compliance oversight for sponsored award-related matters including indirect cost compliance, campus-wide service centers, and program income.  RAPC oversees specialized expenditure allocation PTAs (EAPTA).

RAPC is the process owner of Oracle Grants Accounting, Indirect Cost Burdening policy, Service center policy, Program Income policy and EAPTA policy.  RAPC is responsible for audit coordination with the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) and departments on resolutions for sponsored research award audits across the institution.  RAPC partners with Dean of Research and OSR to develop research financial compliance policies.

Service Centers

Stanford has schools or departments which operate facilities or research labs as a self sustaining “businesses” that provide on going products or services that support of the University’s teaching and research functions.  These service centers, which may support departments or the entire campus, provide cost savings via services/products to internal Stanford users and on a very limited basis will provide services/products to users external to Stanford. 

Service centers must recover their operational costs annually through rate(s) to users based on an approved budget and approved rate(s). A list of the current service centers and their contacts, plus the list of corresponding RAPC/CMA analysts for any questions you might have is available on the web.

Service Center Policies

Service Center Policy Manual Appendices & Exhibits

Expenditure Allocation PTAs

Expenditure Allocation PTAs (EAPTAs) are specialized departmental expenditure PTAs used solely to accumulate expenditures such as materials, supplies, services, or salaries whose distribution to the PTAs benefiting from the expenditures cannot be determined at the time the expenditure is incurred.

Expenditure Allocation PTA Guidelines


Topic - Vetinerary Service Center (VSC)

Question:  How do you process VSC animal care cost transfers between different types of awards?

Answer: See VSC Journal Examples on how to process VSC animal care cost transfers


Vrinda Gopal, Director, Office of Research Financial Policy and Compliance

Nina Ganeff, Senior Financial Analyst

Sophie He, Senior Financial Analyst

Miroslav Marinov, Certification Program Manager