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Data Use Agreements

What is a DUA and what can it do for you?

A Data Use Agreement (“DUA”) is a contract that governs the exchange of specific data between two parties. DUA’s establish who is permitted to use and receive a unique data set, along with the allowable uses and disclosures of the data by the recipient.  A DUA also assigns appropriate responsibility to the researcher and recipient for using the data.

Common terms of a DUA provide that the recipient will:

  • not use, disclose, or destroy the data set other than as permitted by the DUA, or as required by law;
  • use appropriate administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to prevent unauthorized uses or disclosures of the data set, including specific data transfer/access/disposition instructions;
  • report to the provider any uses or disclosures of the data set that are in violation of a DUA;
  • ensure that anyone to whom it provides the data set agree to the same requirements that apply to the recipient for receiving or accessing the data; and
  • not re-identify or contact the data subjects (for data related to a human subject).

Is a DUA needed?

Still unsure if a DUA is needed?  Download the  DUA Decision Tree

Who will handle my DUA?

Stanford’s research contracting and procurement offices can help manage executing the data agreement:

  • When sending a request for a DUA to OSR, please complete the

OSR Data Use Agreement Request online form

  • Please send any questions about the form to  If you have the old fillable PDF form, we will continue to accept it for a limited time but encourage you to use the online form. The PDF form will no longer be accepted after June 30, 2021.
  • Agreements for data associated with a sponsored project are handled by your OSR Contract & Grant Officer. Agreements not associated with a specific sponsored project are handled by your OSR Business Contract Officer.

OSR Pre Award Contract and Grant Officer and Associate Department Assignments

Faculty can sign a DUA in limited circumstances, as outlined by the Guidance for Faculty on Data Agreements Memo dated Feb. 5, 2015. For all other scenarios, contact the appropriate above listed contracting office.

Sending a DUA Request to OSR

The completed DUA Request Form provides the OSR Officer necessary background information about the research. A project summary, list of data elements, funding sources, expectations for sharing results and publication authorship, and human/animal/stem cell compliance (as applicable) are essential to ensuring the terms of the DUA are appropriate. The OSR Officer may contact you with additional questions based on the information provided and the specific agreement terms. We may also consult with other compliance and legal offices at Stanford, as necessary, in our review of the DUA to ensure adequate protective measures and approvals are in place. Changes to the agreement may be necessary based on project/data specifications.

Common Questions OSR Will Ask When Considering a DUA

More guidance about Research Data, including general data sharing principles and other available Stanford resources, can be found on DoResearch.

DUA Resource Documents