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COVID-19 Sponsored Research Administration Information and Resources

This webpage will be updated with COVID-19 information from government agencies, sponsors, and Stanford University, for guidance on sponsored research activities.

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Department of Energy (DOE)

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Other Support Resources

In the Funding Opportunity Announcement DE-FOA-002414, Amendment 000001, issued on October 28, 2020, the Department of Energy (DOE) provided clarification about the adoption of a new format for current and pending support.  DE-FOA-002414 is the DOE’s annual, broad, open solicitation that covers all areas of research areas in the Office of Science.

The purpose of the Current and Pending support for DOE is to allow the identification of potential duplication, overcommitment, potential conflicts of interest or commitment, and all other sources of support.  The Principal Investigator (PI), each senior/key person at Stanford, and any proposed subaward must include all sponsored activities, awards, and appointments, whether:

•  paid or unpaid;

•  provided as a gift with terms or conditions, or provided as a gift without terms or conditions;

•  fulltime, part-time, or voluntary;

•  faculty, visiting, adjunct, or honorary;

•  cash or in-kind;

•  foreign or domestic;

•  governmental or private-sector;

•  directly supporting the individual’s research, or indirectly supporting the individual by supporting students, research staff, space, equipment, or other research expenses.

All foreign government-sponsored talent recruitment programs must be identified in current and pending support.

Limits on Participation in Certain Foreign Talent Recruitment Programs

On June 7, 2019, DOE issued Order No. 486.1, which requires those performing work on DOE contracts to disclose fully and, as necessary, terminate affiliations with foreign government-supported talent recruitment programs from countries deemed by DOE to be high risk (currently China, Russia, Iran, and North Korea).

Talent recruitment programs are defined to include "foreign-state-sponsored attempt(s) to acquire US scientific-funded research or technology through foreign government-run or funded recruitment programs that target scientists, engineers, academics, researchers, and entrepreneurs of all nationalities working or educated in the United States.

In conjunction with this foreign talent program prohibition for DOE contractors, new quarterly reporting relating to senior or key personnel has been imposed.

While this directive currently applies to DOE contracts, similar requirements may be included in cooperative agreements and grants.  Please check the terms and conditions of your award for applicability

Need further assistance? Have questions and/or feedback? Please submit questions and/or feedback here, and a member of the ORA-RMG Disclosures Team will respond to you shortly.