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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Budgets and Budget Justifications

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Proposal budgets and budget justifications are the financial road maps of sponsored projects.  When thoughtfully and strategically built they become an indispensable key to effective post-award management.  Below are templates and resource links to help you build successful budgets and budget justifications. 

Questions?  Concerns? Contact the Client Advocacy & Education team.  We're here to help!


  • SU Simple Budget Template Demonstration Video



Stanford Sponsored Project Budget Justification Template

Links & Notes for Common Budget Categories

Personnel Costs

PI Effort

Stanford requires a commitment of effort on the part of the PI on all sponsored projects with the following exceptions. This requirement applies even if a sponsor does not require a commitment of effort on the part of the PI and/or does not allow the direct charging of PI salary. PI effort may be expended during the academic year, summer quarter only, or both. 

Stanford tracks and manages effort primarily through direct salary charges to sponsored projects, cost sharing salary charges, or a combination of direct charging and cost sharing.

The requirement of PI effort does not extend to:

  1. Equipment grants
  2. Seed grants for students/postdocs where the faculty mentor is named as PI, dissertation support, training grants, or other awards intended as "student augmentation “
  3. Limited-purpose awards characterized by Stanford as Other Sponsored Activities, including travel grants, conference support, etc.

See DoResearch Faculty Effort Topic page  for more information.

*Graduate Student Research Assistantships

Effective 9/1/23, the University contribution of tuition allowance granted to non-SoM funded Research Assistants increased to 55%, and 45% will be charged to the source funding on sponsored awards that pay Stanford's full facilities & administrative (F&A) cost rates.

Fringe Benefits




Facilities & Administrative Cost Rates