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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

PTA Manager

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Early Account/PTA Request Guide - Use when an award has not yet been fully accepted by Stanford, but an investigator wants to begin working on and charging expenses to the project.

New Account/PTA Setup Guide - Use when Stanford has fully accepted a new award.

New Account/PTA Setup Webinar - Use when Stanford has fully accepted a new award.

Account/PTA Amendments Guide - Use when Stanford has received an award amendment that affects the PTA of an ongoing award e.g. when incremental funding is received.

Extended Account/PTA Request Guide - Use when a No Cost Extension request is pending sponsor approval and the investigator wants to continue working on the project in the interim.

Sponsored PTA Setup Matrix - Identifies under what circumstances new projects, tasks, and awards are required to be created for sponsored project PTAs.

When Projects Include Multiple Investigators

It is HIGHLY recommended to establish separate tasks for each investigator to...

  1. facilitate award management
  2. ensure task expenditure review and certification is done by the individuals with the best firsthand knowledge
  3. appropriately allocate indirect costs, especially when collaboration occurs between two or more departments

For example, when a project includes a PI and/or Co-PI(s) and/or Co-I(s), or a lead PI and other non-lead PIs i.e., a Multiple PI (MPI) project (NIH).  For each PI, Co-PI, MPI, or Co-I Task:

  • Task Owner = the specific PI, Co-PI, MPI, or Co-I
  • Task Org = the Org of the specific PI, Co-PI, MPI, or Co-I
  • Task Manager = Research administrator or financial administrator for the specific PI, Co-PI, MPI, or Co-I

In the School of Medicine this is codified in their SoM Indirect Cost Crossover Policy

For example, a project has a PI and two Co-PIs:

Task 100 – Lead PI: Prof. Fear The Tree of the Radiology Dept

  • Task Owner: Fear the Tree
  • Task Org: Radiology Org
  • Task Manager: Res admin for Fear the Tree

Task 200 – Co-PI 1: Prof. Albert Von Brainstorm of the Physics Dept

  • Task Owner: Albert Von Brainstorm
  • Task Org: Physics Org
  • Task Manager: Res admin for Albert Von Brainstorm

Task 300 – Co-PI 2: Prof. Ricardo Shilly-shally of the ChemE Dept

  • Task Owner: Ricardo Shilly-shally
  • Task Org: ChemE Org*
  • Task Manager: Res admin for Ricardo Shilly-shally

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