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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Early Account Setup Request

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Early Account requests are used to request OSR to create an early (at-risk) account (Oracle Award) prior to a sponsor agreement having been received by the SeRA transaction type of Account Setup - Early/Extend

  • Spending on Early and Extended accounts is considered at-risk spending and must be guaranteed by the Principal Investigator that authorizes the early/extend PTA account with a non-sponsored PTA with sufficient funds to be able to cover the expenses charged to the early account in the event funding is not awarded or received from the sponsor, or if expenditures posted to the early/extend PTA account are deemed unallowable.
  • Accounts will be created and extended for no more than 90 days at a time.  If an early account needs to be extended beyond its initial 90 day end date, the administering department will need to submit a new Early/ Extend transaction at the end of each 90 day period.
  • Early accounts are not typically set up for clinical trials and projects that are anticipated to be awarded as contracts. 
  • Early accounts for projects that include work that requires protocols (IRB/APLAC) won’t be approved until there is an assigned meeting date.
  • New tasks for Investigators can only be added after the Investigator is added to the SeRA SPO record and completes their Investigator certifications. If the Investigator is not yet associated with the project, please select the "Add New Investigator to Project" Central Office Request type.
  • For project where sponsors do not require prior approval to add Investigators, departments can use the  COR- Add New Investigator to Project guide

***Effective April 15, 2022, SeRA limits the assignment of Task Owner(s)/ Principal Owner(s) to Stanford Investigators who are associated with the SPO record

  1. Go to 
  2. From the red banner at the top of any page within SeRA click on Search.  Enter the relevant SPO #. The search will interactively display matches according to what is being entered. Click on the appropriate blue reference number to drill into the relevant record.

*Note- if you press Enter on your keyboard, the first listed search result will be automatically selected

COR Search
  1. From the Project Summary page, click on Start a Transaction menu, and select Account/ Setup – Early Extend
  1. Click Start
  1. On the Request Details page, click on the Edit Request Details button

6. Guarantee Amount – estimated expenses during early account period

7. Guarantee Award – Non-sponsored Oracle Award being used to guarantee expenses

8. Guarantee Project - Oracle Project being used to guarantee expenses

9. Guarantee Task - Oracle Task being used to guarantee expenses

10. Select the award for which you would either like to continue spending or which most closely resembles the required new award or task

11. Click Save


12. The page will reload with updated Request Details. Click Next


13. The screen will reload for you to the Approvers page. Review the Compliance section

14.  As needed, click on the Add FYI button to add individuals as FYI Recipients- they will receive an email notification when the transaction is completed


15. Under the Approvers section the principal investigator will always default as an approver.

  • For School of Medicine requests, the following approvers are required:
    • At least ONE Authorized Department/Division representative (i.e. DFA, Division Mgr, or Financial Mgr)
      1. For an individual to appear as an option to approve these early/ extend PTA transactions, they must have SU PTA Manager Approver Sponsored granted to them from Authority Manager and it must also match the admin org code of the SPO record
    • School of Medicine Fiscal Affairs Office.  *Auto-populates for School of Medicine only
    • School of Medicine Research Management Group Institutional Official. Find your RMG Institutional Official
    • Office of Sponsored Research Institutional Official (if necessary). Find your OSR Institutional Official
    • All other schools/ units, please follow local guidelines for approvers

16. Select the appropriate Approver and Role Type from the drop down menus, click Add, then click Next

  • If the available selections are not names you recognize, please contact your Authorized Department/Division representative to verify who to select

17. The Review for Completeness check will run and if there are any issues, it will be displayed

  1. Once all required information is completed, enter pertinent information in relation to the Early/ Extend PTA Request in the Comments textbox and click Submit for Approval

Need further SeRA assistance? Have questions, feedback, or are experiencing other issues? Please submit a HelpSU ticket to the SeRA Support Team and a SeRA Support Analyst will contact you shortly.