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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

SeRA Central Office Requests

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SeRA Central Office Requests allows department administrators to submit requests to their central sponsored research office from within the SeRA system. 

Central Office Requests include: custom forms and fields for different request types to facilitate department entry, the ability to add attachments relating to the request directly to the request form, being able to easily search and see when a request was submitted, what information was provided in a request, to whom a request was assigned, and the current status of a request.

Please do NOT use a Central Office Request to follow up on the status of an existing SeRA transaction (proposal, award, PTA, Central Office Request etc.).  Rather, please look up the relevant transaction in SeRA to view the latest information, and, if needed, follow up with the relevant transaction’s current assignee via email.

Pre Award Central Office Requests - Use when you need to tell/ask the sponsor something

Add New Investigator to Project

Check Next Funding Increment Status

Early or Extend PTA Account Request 

No Cost Extension Request

Sponsor Approval for Carry Forward

Sponsor Approval for Changing PI

Sponsor Approval for Equipment Purchase

Sponsor Approval for Foreign Component

Sponsor Approval for Key Personnel Change

Sponsor Approval for New Subaward

Sponsor Approval for PI Effort Change

Sponsor Approval for Rebudgeting

Sponsor Approval for SOW Change

Sponsor Approval for Travel

Other Preaward Request -  Use for any request you need to direct to your institutional official that does not fall into any of the above request types. 

Post Award Central Office Requests - Use when you need to change something related to an Oracle PTA

Budget Reallocation - Use when sponsor prior approval is NOT needed to internally rebudget your project i.e. to update budget expense controls in Oracle that are displayed in FFIT and OBI reports.

Modify PTA Attribute

New Cost Share Award - Task

New Fabrication Project - Task

New Program Income Award

New Task

Update Expenditure Type

Other Postaward -  Use for any request you need to direct to your OSR Post award Research Accountant that does not fall into any of the above request types.  For example, you need to initiate an early close of an award to prepare it for a transfer or an early termination.

Need further SeRA assistance? Have questions, feedback, or are experiencing other issues? Please submit a HelpSU ticket to the SeRA Support Team by clicking HERE, and a SeRA Support Analyst will contact you shortly.

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