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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

SeRA Searches, Reports, and Training

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Advanced Searching in SeRA

SeRA Reports

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Advanced Search

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Basic SPO

Basic Research Related Agreement (RRA )


Extended SPO


SeRA Reports Menu

SeRA Reports Available to All SeRA Users

Projects & Agreements - Anyone with an active SU Net ID can access SeRA to run this report.  This report returns sponsored projects and research related agreements which match the selected search criteria. Results only include information from completed proposals, awards, and RRA transactions. Proposals that were rejected or withdrawn are not included in this report. If you need to view those use the Extended SPO Search.

Dept Proposals Submissions - Anyone with an active SU Net ID can access SeRA to run this report.  This report returns a list of all submitted proposals for a specified org in the specified time period.

Current & Pending Support (General Format) Report - Anyone with an active SU Net ID can access SeRA to run this report for any Stanford investigator.

SeRA Interactive Reporting Functionality - Enables SeRA users to customize reports. Users can alter the layout of report data by selecting columns, applying filters, highlighting, and sorting. Users can also define breaks, aggregations, charts, group bys, and add their own computations.

SeRA Reports Available to only SeRA Users with SeRA department administrator authority

  • The SeRA Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) reports replace the historical SeRA BI User reports.
  • The SeRA EDW reports return results which satisfy the selected search criteria and where you have SeRA department administrator authority.
    • For example, if you have SeRA department administrator authority for Dept A and only Dept A, any SeRA EDW reports you run will return SeRA record results only within Dept A that satisfy the selected search criteria you entered.
  • SPO records owned by departments outside your SeRA department administrator authority are not returned in SeRA EDW report results even if you have SPO level access to those SPOs.

EDW Proposals Report -

EDW Awards Report

EDW Projects Report

SeRA Training Webinars

No registration or prerequisites required. 

Introduction to SeRA

Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF)

University Research Award PDRF 

Used when faculty receive internal to Stanford research awards

New Account Setup

My Projects, My Investigators and Reports

Central Office Request Forms

For the complete ORA webinar series schedule and on-demand content please visit  ORA Webinars

Need further SeRA assistance?  Have questions, feedback, or experiencing other issues?  Please submit a help ticket and the SeRA Support will contact you shortly.

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