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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.


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  • Have you ever submitted or approved a transaction in SeRA, but then wondered where and to whom it went?

  • Is your institutional official telling you they haven’t received the Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) you submitted or approved last week and wondered WHERE IS IT?!

  • Have you ever wondered if you really did approve a transaction, but aren’t sure? 

The Stanford Electronic Research Administration (SeRA) system is here to support you! 

SeRA Pipeline

SeRA stores a wealth of sponsored research information that can be leveraged to facilitate with many departmental sponsored research inquiries and data needs.

The SeRA Pipeline is a quick and easy way to see the status of any in-progress SeRA transaction you submitted and/or approved.  This is an incredibly value-add feature to leverage when you are shepherding a PDRF, account setup (including early and extended PTAs), central office request etc. through department, school, and other approvals as it makes its way to the Office of Sponsored Research for institutional intake and review.

For example:

If you initiated a PDRF for your faculty member and routed it to her for approval, and she has informed you she approved the PDRF, but OSR has yet to receive it, you can leverage the Pipeline feature to identify to whom the PDRF is currently assigned and reach out as needed to help expedite the approval process so that the PDRF can make its way to institutional review. 

Let’s Do This!

  1. Log into SeRA.
  2. From the left-hand navigation menu click on Pipeline
  3. The page will refresh to My Pipeline and will display all in-progress SeRA transactions you have submitted and/or approved, to whom they are currently assigned, and for proposals, how many days until the sponsor deadline.
  4. For a detailed record a transaction’s history i.e. to see everyone who has “touched” the transaction and when, click on the relevant transaction ID and scroll down to the Transaction History section of the transaction landing page
SeRA My Pipeline Steps 2-4



SeRA My Pipeline Step 5

SeRA Resources:

Need further SeRA assistance? Have questions, feedback, or are experiencing system issues? Please submit a HelpSU ticket to the SeRA Support Team by clicking HERE, and a SeRA Support Analyst will contact you shortly