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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

SeRA System Releases and Updates

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Release highlights are listed with release notes for detailed information

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SeRA Yellowwood Release - April 4, 2024

The Yellowwood release focused on two big enhancements:

New Pre-Proposal Proposal Development Routing Form (PDRF) transaction and workflow

  • Records and facilitates the routing and approval of pre-proposal and letter of intent submissions which require Institutional Official review and submission.
  • Initial iteration of pre-proposal PDRF leverages workflow and integration with SeRA project & proposal.
  • Visit the ORA SeRA Pre-Proposal PDRF page for more information about this new feature.


New Negotiation Resource page on SeRA entities (aka Sponsors/Parties/Subrecipients) 

  • The new entities page records information which inform review and negotiation by Office of Sponsored Research, Research Management Group and Industrial Contracts Institutional Officials.
  • The new entity record page provides 3 different regions to manage various attributes relating to and impacting negotiations. Information from this page is integrated with SeRA projects and agreements.


SeRA Xylopia Release - February 3, 2024

This release was an upgrade release that upgraded Apex 23.2 & ORDS 23.3 on the SeRA servers. This meant upgrading ALL of the applications on these servers including all of the applications managed by the SeRA team and all the applications managed by the Research Compliance Applications team. 

As part of these changes, huge amounts of technical debt were dealt with, including removing unused code and pages as well as many other changes making the system more maintainable. 

In addition, a number of other look-and-feel changes (including an updated color theme which aligns with the updated Stanford identity recommendations) and a few smaller bug fixes and enhancements were included.

SeRA Willow Release - October 12, 2023

This release brings a number of exciting enhancements as well as fine tuning of items following previous larger releases. The prioritized enhancements in this release included: 

  • Redesigned authority model for Department Administrators (and other smaller authority enhancements)
  • Changes to designate Funded Master Agreements & see funding information
  • Allow IOs to terminate Early PTAs
  • PTA Manager: Fix Project Personnel Failures
  • Ability to complete a No-cost Extension (NCE) without starting an Amendment
  • Add a new FAR Clause to Terms & Conditions
  • Changes for Department of Education Section 117 Report Log
  • Add a new Data Management question to the PIF/PDRF (and Awards)

We also built out a number of smaller enhancements especially focused around new functionality. This includes:

  • Smaller Research Related Agreement (RRA) fine tuning
    • Validate that Issues are Resolved before completing an RRA
    • Update RRA Level Status in Agreement Report
    • Activity Tracking: Update On Hold & Comments regions for consistent look-and-feel
    • Update the RRA PDF with the new External Contact changes
  • Additional ARC Items
    • Redesign Interim Report Management Tracking Report
    • Show Interim Reports in Reports page for Closed Awards
    • Remove linking related awards utility & move "Unlinked Related Awards" report under "Data Issues"
    • Show OSR Accountant and Filed By names in First Last format
  • Small Sponsored Receivables Management (SRM) items
  • Performance improvements and other small technical Items


SeRA Viburnum Release - July 22, 2023

Another release with a strong focus on enhancements to Research Related Agreement (RRA) space to bring the RRA module to completion. This included the following larger changes, and many smaller updates:

  • Add RRA Statuses: Agreement Level & Transaction Level
  • Link Issues to Parties in RRAs (and update Issues list)
  • Send out NOAs for RRAs
  • Activity Tracking Page for RRA - Request
  • Display Activity Tracking latest in Workload Report
  • Update the RRA report in My Projects to include all Investigator roles
  • Change link in RRA - Request completion email to go to RRA - New
  • Allow non-assignees to add comments in Activity Tracking
  • Dashboard Changes: IO Ready Flag & Latest Activity

Additionally, this release included a large overhaul to the logic for Award Closeouts with starting by changing the CACD logic to ensure we properly create a closeout action for all awards. This change necessitated a number of other large changes to ARC as well as a bunch of smaller updates. Some highlights on these changes are:

  • CACD now set to Oracle Award End Date
  • Set closeout due date based on Final Report/Invoice dates in Oracle
  • Updated logic to remove closeouts (e.g. extend project or manual)
  • New Exception Report
  • Redesigned Closeout Management Report
  • Redesigned CWA Management Report
  • Determine when closeout should be removed in PTA Manager
  • New reports for Oracle data issues (e.g. unlinked related awards, inactive accountants, awards with no final due date, etc.)
  • Change the Extend flag to a "Transaction In Progress"
  • New Reports page for Awards
  • Log closeout actions better in the Action History of ARC (and fix issue with showing Advanced Notification email action)
  • PTA Mgr: Don't include proposed/option dates in segment end date
  • Allow closeout fields to be edited by the CWA Accountant
  • Don't allow a "completed" closeout status in ARC to be changed
  • Add Agreement Number to Account Setup Intake Queue and additional data to various reports (e.g. Accountant Workload report, Closeout Dashboard, etc.)
  • Allow manual closeouts for University Research awards
  • Send final closeout notifications for all awards within SPO

Along with all of these enhancements, we also were able to build out a few additional exciting features:

  • Update the routing logic of Central Office Requests (SPO) to include routing to ICO
  • Improve usability of selecting, creating, and displaying external contacts
  • Updated information and help text for sponsors
  • Update COI training checks based on newly rolled out COI training course
  • Open canceled SPO & PTA transactions (i.e. terminated/not approved)
  • Create a new "Label" column for IO's dashboards
  • Add additional data to the dashboard (department, deadline, requested completion)
  • Require "funded to" date within funded/anticipated budget periods


SeRA Umbrella Release - March 30, 2023

A multitude of SeRA Research Related Agreement (RRA) upgrades as well as enhancements to address compliance concerns were the focus of this release. The RRA changes included the following exciting enhancements: 

  • Create a new RRA as a copy of an existing RRA
  • Allow RRA's to be closed in a "canceled" state with different statuses (and still viewed and potentially "re-opened")
  • Add new "Negotiation & Signature Tracking" region & "Internal Tracking" region in Activity Tracking
  • Add a "Metrics" region to the RRA Activity Tracking page
  • Add Central Office Request type for RRAs: "Add an Additional Site"
  • Create PDF of RRA transactions
  • Many, many small enhancements (e.g. new questions, text changes, validation changes, etc.)

We also built out a few enhancements focused on some compliance concerns:

  • Ensure SLAC Investigators complete COI through SeRA
  • Capture & Display Certification language seen at time of approval
  • Conflict of Interest Integration Enhancements

Additionally, we were even able to squeeze in a few other enhancements as well such as:

  • Current & Pending: Add new region for completed projects
  • Redesigned PDRF Approval Page
  • Redesigned Pipeline Report
  • Better display of Outside Affiliation information in more locations
  • Provide more information for Entities to all users
  • Upgrade for Piwik (analytics tool)


SeRA Tamarind Release - January 5, 2023

Extensive updates to SeRA Research Related Agreement (RRA) Requests were the focus of the release and also included the following: 

  • New RRA Request Transaction & Workflow
  • Redesigned RRA transactions with many new pages and hundreds of new fields (and data conversions for existing data)
  • New Central Office Request transaction for RRAs
  • New intake for ICO
  • New intake for the DUA group
  • COI Auto-routing & validations
  • Updated Reports (e.g. Current & Pending, Search, My Projects, etc.)

Additionally, we were able to also work on a number of other several other small enhancements and bug fixes. A few highlights for these are:

  • Migrate 4D Emails and Notes for RRAs into SeRA
  • Convert snaplogic pipeline from basic auth to OAuth2
  • Section 117 updates
  • Minor Current & Pending changes
  • Update reporting tables for proposal status for John
  • Small subaward dashboard and report changes
  • Small AR & CWA enhancements
  • New OPACS Completed Status: Completed with Management
  • Fix “View Requisition” and “View Oracle Invoices” redirection to OF
  • Update active/inactive status logic for people to match StanfordWho


SeRA Sequoia Release - July 30, 2022

The majority of information from the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) 4D database can now be found in SeRA! We migrated all completed and in-progress agreements from the last 10 years from 4D into SeRA. A total of 11,065 agreements. All in-progress 4D agreements now display on the SeRA dashboard for ICO officers.

Additionally, this release included a few other business priorities: 

Additionally, we were able to also work on a number of other several other small enhancements and bug fixes. A few highlights for these are:

  • Update Compliance and Certification text on Early/Extend approvals
  • AR: Collection Category Updates
  • PTA Mgr: Allow change of assignee when send to department
  • PTA Mgr: Update Task Manager on EFP Tasks
  • PTA Mgr: Allow users to select award dates during Add Award
  • Add additional columns to SeRA FFATA Eligible Subawards Report
  • Monitoring: Remove "SAM Expiration Date" from header and entry fields
  • Create an "Alternate Names" field for entities
  • Display alert when creating an Amendment when a Proposed/Submitted PDRF exists
  • A number of bug fixes and UI updates


SeRA Redwood Release - April 14, 2022

This release focused on a few important technical and business priorities: 

  • New Department Research Awards region in the Other Support Report
  • New Limited Submission question for proposal PDRFs
  • Ability to add Cost Share and Sponsor Task types in PTA Manager

Additionally we were able to to also work on several other small enhancements and bug fixes. Some highlights for these are:

  • Updated PTA manager logic for Reassign and Return to IO to include all Central Office users
  • Updated SeRA Support team utilities for issue management


SeRA Quince Release - February 13, 2022

This release focused on a few important technical and business priorities: 

  • Oracle Apex upgrade for Sponsored PTA Manager
  • OPACS integration with Research Related Agreements (RRAs)
  • External International Agreement report enhancements
  • Other Support - Current & Pending report updates

Additionally, we were able to also work on several other small enhancements and bug fixes. Some highlights for these are:

  • Updated Central Office Request routing to properly route to OSR or RMG
  • User inter face on Sponsored PTA Manager


SeRA Neem Release - May 6, 2021

Focus on Disclosure, Research Related Agreements and Risk Analysis priorities:

  • The new External Activities Questionnaire!
  • Research Related Agreements: Phase 2!
  • IO Approval page changes in proposal
  • Coverage Analysis during awards and JIT

Additionally, we were able to also work on a number of other small enhancements and bug fixes. Some highlights were:

  • Display open OPACS tasks in SeRA for faculty
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) integration changes for proposals
  • Add new columns to the Project History region
  • Allow editing of Major Goals from the Other Support reports
  • Store and display sponsor set deadline for fully executed award agreement

For full details, view the Neem Release Notes

SeRA Maple Release - February 11, 2021

Mini release primarily focused on three business priorities:

  • Central Office Workload Report
  • Faculty Affiliation (with VA data loaded)
  • SPO Generator (without data load)

Additionally, we were able to also work on a number of other small enhancements and bug fixes. Some highlights were:

  • Coverage Analysis: Show additional information in CA task
  • Add Department and Agency to SeRA EDW reports
  • Subawards: Remove references to specific people in Subawards/Monitoring

For full details, view the Maple Release Notes

SeRA Laurel Release - December 10, 2020

Oracle Application Express (APEX) Infrastructure Update

  • Release focused on a technical upgrade infrastructure to APEX version 20.2.
  • Update display of search function
  • Notification of session expiration/timing out with a displayed message
  • Displaying of Principal Investigator (PI) home or primary department as the administrative department on Proposal Intake Form (PIF)

For full details, view the Laurel Release Notes

SeRA Kelp Release - November 7, 2020

Redesigning of SeRA PDRF to encompass Clinical Trials (CT)

  • New transaction name & start menu options for Industry Clinical Trials
  • Updates to PDRF pages to ensure required data for CT are collected
  • New Coverage Analysis task during proposal process within the Institutional Official review stage
  • New Coverage Analysis intake queue to receive and assign analysis review tasks
  • Update routing of CT PDRFs to School of Medicine Research Management Group intake queue

Related Oracle Awards Capturing in Award Reporting & Closeout (ARC) Database

  • Capture Revenue Recognition Oracle Awards into the closeout process in ARC database
  • Create Close With Action (CWA) closeout tasks for related awards (i.e. Cost Share, Program Income, & Revenue Recognition awards)

For full details, view the Kelp Release Notes

SeRA Juniper Release - July 30, 2020

Release focused on updates to Central Office (OSR, RMG & ICO) functions.

Phase 1 of Other Agreement Log (OAL) Redesign

  • OAL renamed Research Related Agreement (RRA) - agreement associated with a sponsored research agreement
  • OALs were recorded as transactions.  RRAs recorded similar to sponsored project record or "SPOs"
  • OALs transactions were completed which closed the OAL from further updates
  • Amendment and correction transactions can be processed in RRAs
  •  RRAs allow for uploading of attachments/files

Subaward Module Enhancements for Central Office

  • Workflow updated to allow denoting of missing documents during subaward requisition review process
  • System now sends notifications to assignees of subaward tasks
  • Addition of new agreement attributes

For full details, view the Juniper Release Notes

SeRA Ironwood Release - May 21, 2020

This release was a shorter 5-week release which had some key features which for distributed users including:

Return of Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) Reports to SeRA

  • EDW Projects Report - report of sponsored projects based on the user's search criteria
  • EDW Proposals Report - report of proposed sponsored based on the user's search criteria
  • EDW Awards Report - report of of awarded sponsored projects based on the user's search criteria
  • Note: All reports are subject to the user's department owing org code authority/access

Expanded Transaction Reassignment Ability

  • Reassignment of tasks are self-service.  Requests to central office or help tickets are no longer needed
  • Tasks can now be easily reassigned from the Transaction History section of the transaction home page
  • Users can now reassign any transaction within projects (SPOs) which they have department/org code, or SPO access to 

Updated Approval Pages

  • The Proposal Summary section of Principal Investigator, Other Stanford Faculty, and Department approval screens received a new easier to review look
  • All of the approver pages regardless of approver role now have the the same appearance and function
  • Links to view the PDRF and Proposal Attachments were added within the Project Summary section

Resolved Issues

  • Fixed the Budget Details date auto-fill function. The budget period start and end dates fields are once again populating when the "Auto Fill" button is clicked.
  • Fixed issue where Other Support report would double the project awarded amount
  • Added checks to make sure duplicate tasks are not created when a user clicks a link twice
  • Updated COVID-19 instruction text to conditionally display when COVID-19 was selected under the Disease-related Research of the PDRF Research Focus section

For full details, view the Ironwood Release Notes

SeRA Hemlock Release - April 16, 2020

This release was focused on addressing to management needs in response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Critical COVID-19 related attributes were created to track and report on projects with COVID-19 related research and funding.  The beginning of integrating SeRA privileges management to Authority Manager was also included in the release.  Here are some of the enhancements: 

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates:

  • New Central Office Request type of "COVID-19 Sponsor Notification/Request" to process and record notifications and requests to sponsors
  • On screen inline link to the "COVID-19 Sponsor Notification and Request" PDF form
  • New Attachment type "COVID-19 Sponsor Request Form" category to catalog uploaded COVID-19 Sponsor Notification/Request PDF forms
  • Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act funding checkbox to capture proposals/award under the CARES Act
  • Research Focus - Disease Related Research checkbox to capture research related to COVID-19

SeRA Access integration with Authority Manager:

  • Granting of SeRA Access moved to Authority Manager
  • Owning Department/Organizations self-maintain access to its SeRA projects (SPOs)
  • Eliminates need to submit help ticket to requesting access to SeRA projects (SPOs)

For full details, view the Hemlock Release Notes

SeRA Gingko Release - March 7, 2020

This release includes a number of our business priorities! These include:

  • Two new agreement types: Other Transaction Authority & Student Aid were added
  • Ability to copy Oracle Awards in PTA Manager account setup transactions
  • Cost Sharing regions received additional field to capture required detailed information
  • Integration of COI screening questions directly on the proposal approval page
  • Display comments in a hover box in the transaction history
  • Approval Reminders for School of Medicine Faculty
  • Updated help text icons

Full details are available in the Gingko Release Notes

SeRA Elm Release - October 18, 2019

This release includes:

  • Department users can now view, open, and download interim and final financial report and invoice attachments within SeRA.
  • SeRA Notices of Awards will now include more detailed information in regards to interim and final financial and technical reporting requirements.
  • On-screen clarification on Project Question pages of when export control review is required.
  • The four reports for projects within the My Projects section (Active Awarded Projects, Pending Proposals, Recent Ended Projects, & Open Activities) have been changed to interactive reports so they now have a lot more searching and sorting capabilities.

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Elm Release Notes

SeRA Buckeye Release - March 14, 2019

This release includes quite a few exciting enhancements!  The highlights are:

  • Central Office Request (Upgraded OSR Request Form) - The School of Medicine's Research Management Group (RMG) has joined the Office of Sponsored Research (OSR) and the Industrial Contracts Office (ICO) in accepting department requests.  Requests can be submitted with attachments and comments from the Project Summary page and searched for real-time updates making project management easier and without emails.
  • New Financial Accounts tab on the Project Summary - PTAs for SPO Project can now be found directly from the Project Summary page in the new “Financial Accounts” tab. This tab shows the PTAs related to a SPO with summarized budget information and links to drill down into FFIT.
  • Ability to add and store email lists for distribution of the Notice of Award (NOA) - email distribution lists can now be added to the default list of recipients for NOAs for a given department.  Departments can opt to create and maintain a department  distribution list email to be set to receive NOAs instead of storing independent individual email addresses.
  • Display protocol numbers as links to eProtocol - Protocol numbers displayed on the Project Questions page are now links that take users directly into the protocol in eProtocol. This will make it easier to navigate between SeRA and eProtocol systems when reviewing related sponsored projects and the corresponding protocols.

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Buckeye Release Notes

SeRA Aspen Release - January 13, 2019

This release removes workspace manager tables from daily transaction processing!!  This technical change provides many amazing system benefits:

  • With additional tuning on January 15th, the system has stabilized and  performance has vastly improved
  • Transactions will now complete immediately rather than needing to wait for a final processing step
  • Large amounts of code simplification
  • Reduced technical debt
  • Many fixed data issues
  • Fixes for future issues will also be much easier

While we were overhauling the entire system for this very exciting technical upgrade, we have also made a number of additional system enhancements. A very short summary of these are:

  • Simple search has been overhauled and is now a universal search
  • New “Entity Management” page with new functionality for managing sponsors
  • Automatically merge the budget when the IO chooses to merge the award
  • Other Support Report bug fixes
  • Remove default personnel
  • Default T&Cs for manually created awards

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Aspen Release Notes

SeRA Psi Release - June 7, 2018

This release delivers Cayuse 424 / PDRF Integration! This integration allows users to link and synch data from a Cayuse Proposal into a PDRF to reduce duplicate data entry and make sure data is consistent between systems.  For complete step by step instructions for this new functionality please refer to the Linking a Cayuse 424 Proposal to a PDRF User Guide.

The Psi release also delivers a couple of other big ticket items including the following:

  • New GDPR questions to comply with the new EU law
  • Ability for users to submit system feedback
  • Upgraded & consistent "Start Transaction" across application
  • Redesign of the "Other Agreement Log" transaction
  • Ability to track FAR clauses in the Terms & Conditions

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Psi Release Notes.

SeRA Chi Release - February 16, 2018

This release delivers a new Accounts Receivable Tracking module.  The ART module provides functionality for a new group of users: Accounts Receivable Billers & Collectors. The module automates the workload for managing invoices and collections.

The Chi release also delivers a couple of other big ticket items:

  • A redesigned PTA Manager workflow for approvals
  • The ability to manage project level authority (access) - view the SPO Level Access Guide
  • The ability to manage project level contacts

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Chi Release Notes

SeRA Phi Release - December 14, 2017

This release includes:

  • Addition of links to Stanford institutional facts, benefits and IDC rates, and department assignments for OSR and RMG to the Help Menu
  • Initial set of changes which build out the Other Agreement Log transaction to display and capture more information 
  • Changes to the editing function on completed subaward transactions

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Phi Release Notes

SeRA Upsilon Release - October 28, 2017

This release delivers the new Proposal Intake Form (PIF) module to support School of Medicine's new proposal development process! In addition, a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes were implemented to improve the usability of the system.

Overview of Proposal Intake Form

  • New transaction type with PI approval/COI routing
  • Integration with SeRA SPOs & PDRFs
  • New SoM process for proposals initiated by the faculty/department admins

Overview of Other Enhancements

  • The main dashboard for faculty (My Projects) has a new look for better ease-of-use
  • New features for Other Support Reports
  • New request type for the OSR Request Form to support setting up new Oracle sponsors
  • Subaward email automation, UI changes, and bug fixes
  • Upgrades for IDC Waiver approval routing
  • Ability to edit attachment file names
  • Ability to view routing history & comments in terminated transactions

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Upsilon Release Notes

SeRA Tau Release - May 13, 2017

This release includes an upgrade to the system's technical infrastructure and a few other larger technical initiatives. In addition, a number of smaller usability enhancements were added to improve the overall ease-of-use of the system.

Overview of Technical Upgrades & Enhancements

  • Apex 5.1 Upgrade
  • Better integration of subaward transactions & IDC Waiver transactions
  • Changes to support Oracle upgrade
  • Create workgroup for MCL faculty
  • Better processing of merge activities for parallel transactions

Overview of Usability Enhancements

  • Look-and-Feel Changes
    • Cleaned-up pop-ups (auto-sized, consistent look)
    • SeRA Footer
    • Updated look for emails
    • Ability to full-screen regions
    • New “Start Proposal / Start Transaction” buttons on Project Summary
    • Updated simple search
    • Header, Left Hand Menu, & Quick Link changes
      • Add multiple attachments at the same time
      • Support for multiple SeRA browser tabs
      • New routing history section to log transactions (e.g. JIT, LOA, etc.)

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Tau Release Notes

SeRA Sigma Release - March 11, 2017

This release includes a number of exciting new features including:

  • New Create Requisition button within the Project Summary - Subawards screen to start iProcurement Standard Change Orders from within SeRA!
  • Updates and reformatting of the Award Approval Notification (AAN) and Notice of Award (NOA) with Cost Sharing information, IDC base now displayed and new separate Attachment and Contact regions
  • Upgrade to an new View PDRF for easier reading
  • Update to Other Support Report - General format to be consistent with the NSF format with downloading options of Microsoft Word or Adobe .PDF.  Reports now pull only the active role of faculty if s/he switched roles on the project
  • Refinement of Other Support Report - NIH format to match NIH requirements.  Prime agreement number now pulled into report; tuning on sponsor and prime sponsor, and Major Goals and Project Title displays
  • eProtocol integration with refreshing and updating of protocol information within the PDRF Project Questions page including scheduled review panel dates
  • Conflict of Interest (COI) links updated corresponding to the Feb. 11, 2017 move of COI Training from STARS to OPACS.  Unless COI Training is completed, award funds cannot be released
  • Validation of Statement of Work (SOW) attachment uploading for proposals requiring Export Control review
  • Subaward attachments now integrated with SPO-Project level attachments with linking ability

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Sigma Release Notes

SeRA Rho Release - December 9, 2016

This release includes a number of exciting new features including:

  • New look for the My Projects faculty page
  • Updates to the NIH Other Support Report
  • Build-out of the OSR Request Form for New Oracle fabrication Projects-Task requests
  • Upgrades related to the protocol interface (allow multiple, display for departments, improved search)
  • Upgrades to the Budget Details page (allow multiple custom rates, default to 5 periods)
  • Compliance requirements for NIH Clinical Trials
  • Support COI training changes for PHS sponsored awards
  • SeRA notification banner

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Rho Release Notes

SeRA Pi Release - October 8, 2016

A new version of SeRA was deployed on Saturday, October 8th, 2016.   This release includes a upgrade for My Project which will now show all projects for a faculty member is participating in, regardless if they are the lead PI or collaborating in a different role.   The ability to enter, edit and maintain project major goals has been added.  The project goals will feed into the Other Support Report.  Further facilitating the management of the Other Support Report is a streamlined interface for faculty to reject submitted pending proposals from My Projects.

OSR Request Form transactions received quite a few updates.  The first update is the new Initiate New Transaction pop-up window once a request type is selected.  Request which are relates to Oracle PTAs will now create a PTA Transaction to prepare updates and pushed into Oracle.  Requests for a New Oracle Task will be facilitated by a PTA Transaction which provides PTA Configuration overview while allowing the requestor to add new tasks.  Budget Reallocation requests will also trigger a PTA Transaction in which users can select the familiar pencil edit icon to rebudget amongst tasks.

Requests for Cost Sharing Award-Task will prompt for the purpose type of cost sharing of either overdraft or PI effort and the related Oracle Award and Project to which the cost share award-task is related to.  The no-cost extension request form now provides estimated fund balance and commitment figures, extension request justification and description of work comment boxes, and an effort change flag to capture what was formerly submitted on the paper OSR Form 49 – no-cost extension request form.  OSR Request Form transactions can now be opened from the Advanced Search and Pipeline tab.

A new Project page has been added to capture contact information of external parties which will save users form searching and downloading attachments for contact information.  The Project Personnel has been renamed as the People page with two tabs – Contacts and Faculty where appropriate names and contact information are entered and stored.

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Pi Release Notes

SeRA Omicron Release - July 17, 2016

A new version of SeRA was deployed on Sunday, July 17th, 2016.   This release includes a technical upgrade for PTA Manager, Subaward, and Accounting Reporting & Closeout modules. The technical updates impacted central office slightly more, while the upgrade to the PTA Manager module impacted departments equally.

This upgrade updates the look-and-feel of the modules and aligns all modules in terms of thematic uniformity.  In addition, improvements to the OSR Request Form, the opening up of the Budget Details page to departmental users, and a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes were included in the release.  Full details are available in the Omicron Release Notes

SeRA Xi Release - May 7, 2016

While the primary objective of the release was to improve system performance, there were a few new features implemented that you may be interested in:

  • Within the PDRF, you’ll now see a “Previous” button alongside the “Next” button for easier navigation.
  • Departmental Administrators and PIs can now mark their unfunded proposals as “Rejected” in the system.  This will help keep the Other Support report data up to date.  (note: there are other improvements on the horizon to make the Other Support reports more useable and maintainable.  Stay tuned.)
  • Departmental Administrators can now remove the auto-generated subaward tasks during Account setup transactions.

The release also includes a number of smaller enhancements and bug fixes.  Full details are available in the Xi Release Notes

SeRA Technical Release - March 12, 2016

SeRA underwent a release to upgrade technical infrastructure on March 12, 2016.

With the Technical Release, SeRA has a new look and feel and an improved user experience including:

  • Applying the Apex "Universal Theme" across the website
  • Upgrade of Apex code to version 5.0.2
  • Upgrade of database to Oracle 12c
  • New interface to align with Stanford website design themes
  • Implementation of Stanford Brand Bar and Universal Footer
  • Use of Stanford web color palette and fonts
  • Locked transaction page header while scrolling
  • Updated left hand navigation menu with hide/show function
  • New right hand Actions and Quick Links menu
  • New headers for each region of each page with hide/show function
  • New region links to go directly to specific regions of a page
  • New “back-to-top” button feature to return to top of page
  • Clickable Dashboard column function to sort, filter and hide columns
  • Improved pop-up window display and function
  • Auto display sizing based on browser sizing
  • Responsive mobile device interface display
  • Interactive report enhancements

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