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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

New Awarded Project

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Receiving a new award is like buying a new car.  Everyone loves the new car smell!  Get to know your new ride, learn to use all the features and options, where you might need to spend a little more time during project management, and what you can and cannot do without first needing to seek sponsor prior approval.

Departmental Research Administrator Action Items

Make sure the award is as expected

  • Dates
  • Dollars
  • PI & Key Personnel Effort

Review Award Notice for departmental “gotchas”

  • Budgetary restrictions
  • Prior approval requirements
  • Equipment Ownership
  • Special terms and/or additional administrative work
  • Carry forward restrictions
  • Special reporting requirements
  • Special invoicing requirements

Complete new PTA transaction

Meet with PI(s) -Review who/what will be charged to the project

  • Review commitments and verify they can still be met
  • PI & Key Personnel Effort
  • Cost sharing

Set Up the award for use

  • Setup in appropriate systems:
  • LD
  • GFS
  • iProcurement: Subaward POs
  • iProcurement: New POs or Change Blanket POs
  • Service Center Charges
  • Fabrication - Property Management Office Equipment Fabrication Request Form 
  • Cost Sharing

New Project Award Checklist

Post Award School/Dept and OSR Roles and Responsibilities