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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Closing Out a Subaward

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Close Out Procedure

A subaward is closed out when its period of performance comes to an end, regardless of whether Stanford's overall research project is ending or continuing. When feasible and at the PI’s discretion, a subaward final period of performance may be slightly shorter than Stanford's to allow sufficient time for collection and review of the subrecipient's final reports, verification of subrecipient data, and incorporation of the subrecipient's research results into Stanford's final technical report to the sponsor.

PIs are responsible for obtaining final invoices and technical reports from their subrecipients within contractual timelines, and retaining a copy in their project file. PIs are encouraged to remind subrecipients of this need well in advance of the due date for such reports.

Other final reports, including property reports, patent reports, small/small disadvantaged business reports, and Assignment and Release documents may be required. PIs and departments may be asked to assist OSR in obtaining necessary closeout reports from the subrecipient in a timely manner.

The PI/Department is responsible for ensuring all cost sharing requirements have been met by the subrecipient. Failure to do so may result in Stanford taking on additional cost share to fulfill obligations.

Final Invoice

In order for Stanford to comply with its financial report requirements, subrecipients are required to submit a final invoice, clearly marked “Final”, to Stanford by the date that is required in the subaward agreement, typically no later than 45-60 days (see subaward agreement) after the end of the Subrecipient's period of performance. In the event no invoice is received within the required timeframe, Stanford may treat the Subrecipient's last invoice as the final invoice. Payment for Subrecipient invoices submitted to Stanford later than the due date may not be paid. PIs and departments are responsible for obtaining final closeout information, including final invoices, from their subrecipients.