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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.
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Reading a Notice of Award from a Department Perspective - Sponsored Projects Maintenance Schedule - Part I

Office of Research Administration

Event Details:

Wednesday, May 8, 2024
11:00am - 12:00pm PDT




Megan Dietrich & Jon Lavigne, Client Advocacy & Education


No Registration or Prerequisite courses are required to attend/participate in this webinar.

All webinars, unless otherwise stated, are presented via Zoom. 

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The SeRA Award Activation Notice (AAN) and Notice of Award (NOA) contain valuable information for department research administrators to facilitate with effectively and compliantly managing sponsored research projects.  This webinar will go through how to read and break down both SeRA AANs/NOAs and sponsor NOAs from the department perspective to identify important award elements and terms that directly impact department management of an award and when heeded ultimately lead to a smooth closeout at award end.  Some areas on which we will focus are finding in an NOA key personnel information, what project actions will necessitate sponsor prior approval, if and when progress reports are due, committed cost sharing etc.

More Information: 

OSR-SeRA Webinar Recordings & Slides

Sponsored Projects Maintenance Resources


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