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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.


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Most sponsors require investigators and project key personnel to provide a curriculum vitae (CV) or biographical sketch as part of a proposal. Many sponsors request biosketches be provided to them that adhere to the format specified by either the National Institutes of Health, or the National Science Foundation, or a variant of one of these.  Given different sponsors request this information in different formats, it is highly important to always closely review and adhere to each sponsor’s specific CV or biosketch requirements when preparing these.  Below are links to the current NIH and NSF guidance on their biosketch requirements.


  • SciENcv - Biosketch & Current and Pending (Other Support) Power Tool - Required for the preparation of NSF Biosketches and Current & Pending (Other) Support.  Optional for NIH Biosketches (currently, see below for future plans)
    • The NSF and the NIH/National Library of Medicine hosted a webinar to discuss the revisions to Common Biosketch and Current & Pending (Other) support forms that are being implemented by the NSF for proposals submitted on or after May 20, 2024, as well as provided a demonstration of the revised functionality to create and download these required proposal documents in SciENcv on April 24, 2024. The webinar recording is available at the NSF’s Policy Office Outreach website.

NIH Biosketch

NIH Disclosures - Stanford Guidance

  • SciENcv will generate a digitally certified PDF for use in application submission.
  • NIH will have a separate supplement form to collect the three required agency specific data elements (i.e., Personal Statement, Contributions to Science and Honors).
  • Reminder: Until the Common Forms are fully adopted by NIH, NIH requests applicants and recipients use the current NIH Biosketch and Other Support formats for applications, Just-in-Time (JIT) Reports, and RPPRs.

NSF Biosketch

NSF Disclosures - Stanford Guidance 

  • Effective 10/23/23, use of SciENcv is mandatory for preparation of NSF biosketches. 
  • PIs and Senior/Key personnel are required to certify that the information within their NSF biosketch is current, accurate, and complete.  The certification language is included within SciENcv.  SciENcv records an individual’s certification when they download their biosketch from SciENcv.  The certification of NSF biosketches MAY NOT be delegated to administrators.

NSF Implementation of the Common Form for Biographical Sketch -  Effective for proposals submitted or due on or after May 20, 2024 

NSF Proposal & Award Policy and Procedures Guide (PAPPG) NSF 24-1 - Implements required use of the Common Forms for Biosketches) The common disclosure form for the Biographical Sketch is NOW available in SciENcv.  The common Biosketch form has no page limitations and incorporates the following:

  • Each senior/key person is required to complete the following certifications regarding the information provided in their Biographical Sketch when they download the form from SciENcv:
    • I certify that the information provided is current, accurate, and complete. This includes but is not limited to information related to domestic and foreign appointments and positions.
    • I also certify that, at the time of submission, I am not a party in a malign foreign talent recruitment program.
    • Misrepresentations and/or omissions may be subject to prosecution and liability pursuant to, but not limited to, 18 U.S.C. §§ 287, 1001, 1031 and 31 U.S.C. §§ 3729-3733 and 3802.
  • The Synergistic Activities section has been removed from the biographical sketch and must now be submitted as a separate senior/key personnel document.
  • Common form definitions including, but not limited to what are academic, professional, or institutional positions and appointments as well as what constitutes a malign foreign talent recruitment program.

Additional NSF Biosketch Resources