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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Capital Cost Transfers (CCT)

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Resources and Support

Learning Resources:

Use Instructions:

Informational Sessions:

  • ORA Forum (October 11, 2022) Presentation slides | Recording

  • Pre-Launch Presentation (October 17 & 24, 2022) Presentation slides | Zoom recording| Available in STARS PMO-5000

  • Soft Launch Informational Presentation (November 10, 2022) Presentation slides | Zoom recording| Available in STARS PMO-5000

  • Post Launch Informational Presentation (January 17, 2023) Presentation slides | Zoom recording| Available in STARS PMO-5000

What is a Capital Cost Transfer?

Changes to capital equipment transactions cannot be processed via normal ijournal transactions. The capital cost transfer (CCT) allows PMO as a central office to make such changes. Changes such as moving a transaction from capital to non-capital, non-capital to capital, changing PTA's or correcting expenditure types are all examples. The CCT allows us to collect the necessary supporting information in order to centrally process a change or adjustment. PMO is the only central office with the authority to process these transactions.

Why The Change?

The new Capital Cost Transfer (CCT) Application is designed to provide a tool for Financial Administrators and Managers to request changes or adjustments to capital transactions and for the Property Management Office to subsequently post the approved transactions to the financial systems.   It replaces the previous email submittal process used for requesting modifications to expenditure types, project, task, and/or award numbers to which a capital acquisition was originally charged. Access to the CCT application is available by logging into SPARC. CCT in SPARC will be available 11/11/2022.


The CCT application represents a significant process improvement.  Features and capabilities include:

  • Workflow management

  • Data validation

  • Online financial approvals

  • Request status dashboard

  • Robust reporting capability, and

  • Enhanced archiving of data for financial accountability.

Integration with Accounts Payable (AP) will provide AP Invoice details for purchase orders spanning two years. Data for older transactions will be retrievable by overnight request.  Adjustments made through a CCT, will ultimately interface with Oracle Fixed Assets and appropriately reflect on the individual asset record.

Key Training Opportunities

October 17, 2022 - Pre-Launch Presentation 1
October 24, 2022 - Pre-Launch Presentation 2
October 28, 2022 - Self Paced Overview Available in STARS (PMO-5010)
November 10, 2022 - Soft Launch Informational Presentation
January 17, 2023 - Post Launch Informational Presentation

See the information and resource section below for more details.