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Sponsored Receivables Management

Sponsored Receivables Management (SRM) provides support for cash and receivables management for sponsored projects with the focus of maintaining a steady cash flow for the University.  SRM processes interim invoices, draws against letters-of credit, applies payments and receipts and pursues collections for sponsored project awards, clinical trials, Academic Service Centers and Program Income.

SRM works closely with various partner groups both on and off-campus to ensure the overall effective coordination of research management services, systems, policies and processes.  SRM is also responsible for quarterly analysis of balances and activity related to sponsored receivables, billings, and collections in accordance with Stanford’s policies and procedures, GAAP, and federal regulations.

Sponsored Receivables Management Contacts and Assignments

Where to Send Payments

Checks and any remittance advice or backup received in the department for payment on sponsored projects must be forwarded to the Sponsored Receivables Lockbox for deposit. 

Please do not mail or hand deliver checks to the OSR or SRM office. Payments are to be made payable to Stanford University and mailed to the Sponsored Receivables Lockbox address below.

Each check payment must reference:

  • the research project title
  • agreement or study number
  • invoice number
  • award or SPO number 
  • the name of the Principal Investigator


A PDF copy of the check and the backup should be forwarded to to ensure that the check is received and properly applied.

The Sponsor should not send any checks directly to the department. The Sponsor should be instructed to send checks directly to the Sponsored Receivables Lockbox at one of the following addresses:

First Class Mail

Stanford University Lockbox
P.O. Box 44253
San Francisco, CA 94144-4253

Certified or Overnight Mail

Wells Fargo Lockbox Services
Stanford University Lockbox 44253
3440 Walnut Ave, Bldg A, Window H
Fremont, CA 94538-2210

Verify package receipt: (510) 745-5200
Point of contact/new customer setup: (213) 614-3014

ACH/Wire Transfer

For Electronic Funds Transfers via ACH or wire, the bank information is below. Please include in the message field what the payment is for such as the research project title, agreement or study number, invoice number, award or SPO number, and the name of the Principal Investigator for identification.

Bank Name: Wells Fargo Bank
Address: 420 Montgomery Street, San Francisco, CA 94104
Swift Code (Foreign): WFBIUS6S
Sort/Routing/ABA (Domestic): 121000248

Bank Account Number:  Email to obtain the bank account number

Stanford Tax ID: 941156365

Clinical Research Invoicing System for Participants (CRISP)

CRISP is a system that supports the tracking of patient events and is currently the invoicing process for industry sponsored clinical trials only. This is an auditable system that tracks clinical trial events and is used by both the department Financial Specialist and Study Coordinators along with SRM personnel. Invoices are to be processed through CRISP prior to SRM receiving the payment. This is for both invoiceable items and patient care costs processed through Case Report Forms (CRFs).

CRISP System

CRISP User Guide

Video Tutorials

CRISP - A New Look (video)

How to Locate Your Study in CRISP (video)

How to Set up the Fee Schedule in CRISP (video)

The Trials Details page in CRISP (video)

How to Create Department Requests in CRISP (video)

How to Edit an Existing Invoice Request (video)

CRISP Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Help Ticket for CRISP - pre-populated Help ticket directed to the CRISP support team