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Compliance protocols MUST be approved and linked in SeRA to a SPO project record prior to award acceptance. 

See ORA's Award Acceptance Resources for additional information.

Client Advocacy & Education

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We're here to help!  The Office of Research Administration Client Advocacy & Education team...

  • Provides research administration-related learning opportunities and resources to campus, including Cardinal Curriculum Research Administration TrainingORA webinars, ORA website content, news updates, and more. 
  • Responds to research administration process and system inquiries, and conducts outreach to gather feedback from the research administration community. 
  • Provides SeRA and Cayuse Proposals system release communications and training, system technical support and advocacy of system enhancements on behalf of the end users. 
  • Provides system support for SeRA, Cayuse Proposals (S2S), CRISP, eCertification and OPACS systems.

Resources we offer

Deployed Senior Research Administrator Support

The CAE team is available to help with short-term department research administration support.  Our senior research administrators can support both pre and post award department research administration roles and responsibilities.  Please note, the ORA CAE team is not able to provide support outside of the standard department research administrator responsibilities (e.g., administrative tasks, grant writing, etc.).  

Pre-Award School/Dept & OSR Research Administration Roles & Responsibilities

Post-Award School/Dept & OSR Research Administration Roles & Responsibilities

If you are a department or an investigator in need of short-term department research administration support, please contact either Megan Dietrich, Assistant Director, Client Advocacy & Education or Jon Lavigne, Client Advocacy & Education Specialist.


Tim Leung, Director, Client Advocacy & Education

Megan Dietrich, Assistant Director, Client Advocacy & Education

Jon Lavigne, Client Advocacy & Education Specialist

Lauren Campbell, Research Administration Instructional Designer

Natalie Muzzio, Senior Research Administrator, Client Advocacy & Education

Thomas Merritt, Senior Research Administrator, Client Advocacy & Education